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In John’s gospel, the “last supper” is described as a meal that takes place BEFORE the Passover (John 13:1).In John’s gospel, Jesus dies on the cross ON Passover.A totally eclipsed moon often has a red appearance, though the colors orange, yellow, gray, and even black are possible too.

Why has it been so difficult to determine the exact date of Jesus' death and the dates of the last week of his life?Wayne Spencer Jesus Christ's crucifixion is one of the most important events in the history of the world. Yet there has not been a good consensus among scholars about the exact date of the crucifixion.I will follow the work of Cambridge professor Colin Humphreys based on his book, "The Mystery of the Last Supper," published in 2011 [1].However, there is considerable doubt that this interpretation is correct, because this eclipse was far from total, and the moon rose over Jerusalem after maximum eclipse.The eye cannot observe the color of a partially eclipsed moon, so this eclipse could not fit the description of a “blood moon.” Assuming that Peter’s statement about the moon being turned to blood was a reference to some event at the time of the Crucifixion, it is far more plausible that unusual atmospheric conditions at that time were responsible.

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