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While students can certainly learn from people outside their own sex, ethnicity and belief system, faculty with similar backgrounds provide stronger role models.

Diversity in faculty should not only be sought out for the students’ advantage though; the college legacy as a whole benefits when many different perspectives are represented.

Matthew Lynch In order for colleges and universities to truly prepare students for the real world, these places of higher learning need to cultivate diverse populations.

There is a lot of attention placed on the changing face of college students but I feel that, for college campuses to truly remain effective long term, diversity in faculty needs to be a paramount concern. Student bodies are no longer composed of primarily male, White students.

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It’s a relatively easy fix that doesn’t come with a big price tag.

They are dedicated to classroom teaching, mentorship, collaboration and the success of their students.

Here are some faculty members we would like you to meet.

“The findings show that diversity is a necessity for children of color, really for all children, but children of color in particular,” Griffin said.

“School districts must be intentional about diversity because it matters.” Of course, one of the questions raised by the study is what precisely it is about Black teachers that leads to better results for Black students.

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