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A new site called LFGdating wants to break through the barriers gamers can face when online dating by creating an “unambiguous” platform for people who like to game.Seeking to be a “professional, modern and clean” dating site, LFGdating connects like-minded people with similar lifestyles, interests and crucially, a love of gaming.The idea came to co-founders Patrick Rafferty and Casey Tebo because they had both found the online dating scene frustrating, and were unimpressed with the current crop of gaming-focused platforms on offer.Speaking about the birth of the site, Tebo said: “Patrick and I, at various intervals, had used online dating sites ourselves.We're hoping it may even become self-regulating because of this." After the launch of Date a Gamer back in February Eurogamer received reports that its 150,000 strong database was largely comprised of members of other dating websites who had been added without them knowing.Thurlow admitted to Eurogamer this afternoon that he used a site called Global Personals that helps dating site creators get an initial starting base to lift Date a Gamer off the ground."People were using the Date a Gamer site to meet up for sex anyway, but this way they have a space where they can do this more openly in an arena they are comfortable in, in other words, online." He added: "We realise this concept will raise more than a few eyebrows.

“What we realised is that it was hard to sift through profiles trying to find someone like us who liked to game, or at least tolerated that side of us!Work relationships are generally a bad idea, which means you constantly have to put yourself out there in order to meet people.Alright, this sounds like a dating column now, and you're probably thinking, "What the hell is going on? I was recently asked to write some articles for a dating website that specialises in dating for gamers."Over the past few months we noticed that instead of looking for love, many of the members were using the site purely to meet up for sex - it's not something we were expecting, but obviously gamers get urges too."It got us thinking that, perhaps by providing a platform where geeks and gamers over the age of 18 could arrange to meet up and get it on, we could help people who may feel uneasy in social situations, find someone and get some action.

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